[Solved] Editor logging me out in less than a day

Sometimes my sketch won't save and the reason is because somehow Arduino Create logged me out. I have to copy my sketch, relog in another window and paste it back to save it.

And it logs me out in not even 12 hours. Is this normal?

If it is, please change it to let us log on indefinitely, this is quite annoying.

Using Chrome.

This is one of the issues we’re working on. From the point of view of security indefinite login time is quite bad, but of course it happens that the authentication period finishes while users are using the app, and that’s bad too. We’re working on making sure the user experience isn’t impaired, but the security isn’t either.

We have pushed a temporary fix while working on a long term one, not the expiration should be much much longer and you should not encounter this issue again.