[Solved] Error in uploading to board

I tested one of my old boards - it's a Freeduino (Arduino Duemilanove clone) with Arduino IDE and it works just fine.

But when I try to load the Blink example to the board with Arduino Duemilanove selected on the same COM port, I get an error saying "Error in uploading sketch to board".

Any thoughts on why this happens?

Here is the debug console dump:

downloadtool avrdude https://downloads.arduino.cc/tools
time="2016-08-03T18:00:24-04:00" level=info msg="&{Port:COM6 Board:arduino:avr:diecimila Rewrite: Commandline:\"{runtime.tools.avrdude.path}/bin/avrdude\" \"-C{runtime.tools.avrdude.path}/etc/avrdude.conf\" {upload.verbose} -patmega328p -carduino -P{serial.port} -b57600 -D \"-Uflash:w:{build.path}/{build.project_name}.hex:i\" Signature: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 Extra:{Use1200bpsTouch:false WaitForUploadPort:false Network:false Auth:{Username: Password:} Verbose:false ParamsVerbose:-v ParamsQuiet:-q -q} Hex:[58 49 ...... 10] Filename:Blink.ino.hex ExtraFiles:[]}" 
time="2016-08-03T18:00:24-04:00" level=info msg="Received commandline (unresolved):\"{runtime.tools.avrdude.path}/bin/avrdude\" \"-C{runtime.tools.avrdude.path}/etc/avrdude.conf\" {upload.verbose} -patmega328p -carduino -P{serial.port} -b57600 -D \"-Uflash:w:{build.path}/{build.project_name}.hex:i\"" 
time="2016-08-03T18:00:24-04:00" level=info msg="Flashing with command:C:/Users/svaghela/.arduino-create/avrdude/6.3.0-arduino3/bin/avrdude.exe -CC:/Users/svaghela/.arduino-create/avrdude/6.3.0-arduino3/etc/avrdude.conf -q -q -patmega328p -carduino -PCOM6 -b57600 -D -Uflash:w:C:/Users/svaghela/AppData/Local/Temp/arduino-create-agent512225017/Blink.ino.hex:i" 
time="2016-08-03T18:00:24-04:00" level=info msg="Command finished with error: exit status -1073741515" 


Are you by any chance using windows 10?

Hi, I have the same issue. I am using the web creator in Mozilla Firefox on Windows 10. When I click upload after the board and com port are automatically selected and set, the app will work for a short while before an error message pops up.

The error message is titled "avrdude.exe - System Error" and contains the text "The program can't start because libusb0.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem."

I love the idea of using Arduino's program to work on my projects, so I really want to use this. What should I do to fix this?

Hi! Yes it is a known bug and we are working on a fix, will report back as soon as it becomes available

We just pushed a release that should solve this issue, thanks again for reporting it and for your patience! Let us know if you still encounter this problem, check if the Plugin version you have installed is 1.0.38, you can do so by clicking on the tray icon.