!SOLVED" ESP-01s GPIO problems

I have some issues booting my ESP-01s with GPIO02 connected to DATA pin of my mosfet module.

If I disconnect GPIO02 for a sec during boot it all works fine and MOSFET and GPIO02 works perfect.
But I really dont want to disconnect GPIO every time I reboot the ESP. Is there something I do wrong here?

(Also, I had to put CH_EN HIGH to get it to boot too)



As per this article,

you must hold GPIO0 and GPIO2 HIGH in order to boot the ESP, so your circuit is wrong as it is pulling GPIO2 down especially if your "IRF520 module" is actually a module including a pull-down on the gate.

Of course CH_EN must he held HIGH for the ESP to operate. :roll_eyes:

It is not a "bad module" and in fact, the ESP-01 module that apparently works with the wrong circuit may itself be faulty.

Of course, the IRF520 is not a logic-level FET so you are using it as a completely random current-control mechanism to drive your IR LEDs.

What the purpose of the 100 Ohm resistor is, is anyone's guess!