[SOLVED] Extracting the last two digits of a 4 or 3 digits integer.

As the title says, I would like print the last 2 digits of a 4 or 3 digits number on the serial monitor. I'm trying to learn a way to do this operation. Is there anything you'd like me to read and learn in Arduino Reference page that does exactly the thing I'm looking for?

Or better could you write me a short sample code? Thank you very much!

Look at the modulo operator on the reference page

void setup()
  int anInt1 = 123;
  int anInt2 = 1234;
  Serial.println(anInt1 % 100);
  Serial.println(anInt2 % 100);

void loop()

Thank you very much! It worked perfectly.

Good to hear. If you want to do anything with the digits apart from just printing them you can put them into a variable and use them later in the program, and I hope that it goes without saying that you are not limited to dividing by 100.