[SOLVED] FHT + external EEPROM

Hi everybody!

I'm doing a project where I want to do a FHT and write it in a external EEPROM 24LC1025.

I tested the FHT code alone and it works.
I tested the EEPROM code alone and it works.

When I combine both codes FHT + EEPROM, Arduino doesn't do anything.
I don't have any error message in compilation or program. In fact, Arduino RX led switch ON when I send to it a signal, but only that.

Here is the sketch.

Problem & Solution:

  • SRAM was overflowing due to modified values in Wire.h

Which FHT library are you using,

This one ???ArduinoFHT - Open Music Labs Wiki

Also. One thing I noticed about your code. You write to eeprom a lot.

I think the eeprom only has something like 10,000 write cycles, so you will burn it out if you use it a lot.

Yes, It is that library and I’ve looked for help there too.

I know that the EEPROM has a limit of writes, but I don’t care for it now… :slight_smile:

I did a test. When I have only the FHT code and I add #include <Wire.h> without adding any more code, it fails.