(Solved - for now, at least) Intermittent Yun - keeps rebooting

HELP! My Yun has been working well, except for occasional WiFi hiccups, but now it’s really driving me nuts! It doesn’t stay connected to my router for more than a minute or two, and then it disappears. I’ve tried resetting the device to factory settings by holding down the WiFi reset button for various lengths of time (including up to 90 seconds), and I’ve done the same with the linux-side reset button (Yun reset), with no difference in operation. I’ve connected the Yun via USB cable to my computer and have downloaded and have run the Yun Serial Terminal sketch, and the linux side keeps rebooting every couple of minutes (see attachment “YunReboots.txt” below for output of Serial Monitor). Any idea what I should do next?

YunReboots.txt (25.3 KB)

except for occasional WiFi hiccups

I have a suspicion: there is a script that runs a minute or two after booting is done that checks if the WiFi is properly associated. If not, it attempts to return to the default initial access point mode to allow you to update the WiFi configuration. If you have having problems where it resets shortly after booting, this could be the reason.

The first step is to make sure you have your WiFi settings configured properly.

The other step is that you can disable this automatic reset function by editing the file /etc/rc.local on the Linux side, and commenting out the line that reads wifi-live-or-reset

I’m also suspecting major WiFi problems as the main issue, as I get the following error when I access the Yun (where it SHOULD be showing the WiFi configuration info):

There was a problem last time I tried configuring wireless network.

Check the following log for details of what went wrong (Show)

I’ve attached a file (“YunErrorText.txt”) that shows what I see when I click Show, but it just looks like all the console output during Linux reboot. I’ve got no idea what’s going on, which I why I tried factory resets. I suspect a problem with the WiFi radio, but I don’t speak Linux-gibberish so I don’t know what to do next. Replace the Yun?

YunErrorText.txt (11.6 KB)

I have a suspicion: there is a script that runs a minute or two after booting is done that checks if the WiFi is properly associated. ::::SNIP::::


I agree with you here. I looked at the boot log, there is NO "associate" anywhere in there. I also do not see a "master" being set in the wifi.

I suspect the filesystem got corrupted. Run a few more tests, and if that looks the likely case, reflash the system.


Thanks for the pointers. How do I re-flash the Yun?

I was able to fix the problem (at least for now) by futzing around in the Wifi configuration in Configure>Advanced Configuration Panel and making changes to WiFi associated settings under the Network tab. Then I re-flashed the Yun (unchecking the "keep settings" box) under the System tab.

Keeping my fingers crossed...