[Solved]Forum slow again?

Did anybody experience that the forum is slow?

I end up with blank pages, have to refresh once or twice before I can view a page. Each time that I check with F12 in firefox, it indicates a gateway timeout (504) on one of the requests.

I doubt it's relevant (504 errors are server errors to my knowledge and other sites seem to load OK) but I unfortunately had to give up my primary ISP and am using my secondary ISP as my primary ISP (which currently seems to be down :( ) and I'm now using my cellphone as a modem.

A little sluggish but not slow.

Some tethered connections can be a bit flakey to say the least.

Sorted now after my new primary ISP came back.

As I was using a WiFi tethered connection, there is a very good chance that you were right.