[Solved] getting "Error unloading. check if the selected board is currentlv


Started the "getting started" in the "useful tutorials" with a clone uno and blink but I am getting the message mentioned in the in the subject. Is this due to my board not being genuine? Also, device manager shows an anknown device


win 8.1 / chrome 57.0.2987.98

The message is saying that the board you are pointing to is not selected, do you see a red X in the dropdown?

Select your clone UNO from the dropdown and UNO in the modal, and yep it might be because it is a clone.

Yes I have a red X. Same with a clone 2560

Just to be sure, must one understand that board bought from Sparkfun, for example, may not work with Create?

Hi @guy_c,
can we see a screenshot of what you see with the boards dropdown open? See attached image.

Schermata del 2017-03-28 10-27-51.png

there is some support for UNO and Mega clones, they usually work as a lot of users of this forum reported, we cannot provide a full troubleshooting for them. If you send us a screenshot of your dropdown as @smellai asked we will try our best!


For the CLONE you need to go HERE

Yes its in Chinese but it is safe.
Download the drivers and install them.
You MUST tell win 8 it is OK or turn off driver enforcement.
That will allow the clone to work with the normal desktop IDE.

You should then be able to see it in device manager under COM / LPT ports as CH340 and the COM number.
That is the number you should choose for the COM port in the board selection process for create.
Then select the correct board "2560" not the 1280.

Driver enforcement under windows 8 can be pretty severe but you only need to google "turn off driver enforcement windows 8" to find out how.

Thank you all.

There have been a basic misunderstanding which resulted in wasted time and I am sorry that it happened:

My boards work perfectly well with the IDE. I was thinking that in Create there is some kind of board recognition filtering out non genuine cards.

I humbly suggest that you require, in addition to the host system/ browser spec, the info if whether or not all works well on IDE.

Back to my issue, following a system instability, I reset the machine to an out of the factory 8.1 pro and after cleaning up all the crapware that came with my a**s machines and reinstalling / configuring all mys programs, tried 'blink' again on uno and 2560 under Create and all worked well.

But I must add a big BRAVO for this work: Board is recognized, port is recognized, no more need to save everything to the cloud, greate work! it's truly fantastic! Chapeau bas

Thanks for the suggestion.

I added it as item 4 in the "How to use this section of the forum."