[SOLVED ]gnu.io.PortInUseException


I'm developing a Processing library that uses Arduino and because of that I need to interact with Arduino from Eclipse.

At the moment I'm using RXTX library to interface with the serial port of Arduino but, when I try to open the connection I get this error.

gnu.io.PortInUseException: Unknown Application

This errors comes after the next line:

// open serial port, and use class name for the appName. serialPort = (SerialPort) portId.open(this.getClass().getName(),

I have search trough my active process but nothing seems to be using USB. Also, Arduino IDE uploads code with no problem.

For further information... The Java code that I'm using is this. Using an Arduino Nano (connect by USB obviously). OS: Snow Leopard 10.6.8

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance and sorry for my bad English.


It seems that I dont know how to scroll, because the solution is in the page that I provided which contains de code under the Mac OSX Locking tittle (obviously xD)

This topic could be closed or keept in order to help the other people who dont know how to scroll to solve problems like me :P

Thanks and sorry for the stupid post.