[Solved] Having trouble uploading - please help!

I am trying to build a prototype using the Infrared transmitter and reciever, and I have two boards that I am using. I am using the Arduino Web Editor and two Arduino Uno R3 boards from a vendor called Elegoo on Amazon. I can verify and save my sketches online, but I am having trouble uploading it to the board. I have the board "Arduino/Genuino Uno" selected and a little grey box pops up saying my sketch is linked to the board. I have not selected a port. What do I need to do to be able to upload my code?

Thanks for your help!

The elegoo brand has been seen to have some issues of recent although some report things going OK with them.

OK if you cannot see a port it may well be the CREATE BRIDGE app that wasn't installed correctly

Going to send you HERE first as there is a nice tutorial about setting things up.

Please go through it all. I know some pics are for MAC's but the principles are similar.

CREATE is very flexible about Arduino boards and even CLONES are catered for out of the box.

Let us know how you go on and if you get stuck at any point have a read HERE on how to use the forum and the types of information that's useful to help you get the best answers.

If the system pops up 'sketch linked to the board' notification, that means that the plugin is working fine, so the problem could be in the board. Can you please enable vebose output from preferences panel and copy paste here? Also you can send us more logs clicking 'open debug console' in the plugin icon and copy pasting from there.

I reinstalled the Plug in and the Create Bridge app and now it works! I can see the port now and my code was successfully uploaded. Thank you!