[solved] Hello World doesn't work! Uno R3 on Linux Mint

Hi guys, I reinstalled everything on my PC under linux Mint10. (No RXTX mismatch error now!) and the IDE works, Blink works, so I was trying an analog pin sketch with a photoresistor, and I wasn't getting any serial data output! So I found ladyada.net's Tutorial #4, Hello World, and I typed it in, compiled without errors, uploaded it and... No "Hello World!" Where did my string go? ( I know.. /dev/null.) Anyway, I'm trying.. Thanks for any suggestions, ---Jim

Wuuuups! I continued reading ladyada's tutorial and I found the icon on the IDE for the serial Comm window. I'm sorry, and I'M HAPPY! P.S. The analog sketch works as described. Sciguy14, Youtube, tutorial #4. Thx.

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Hi there I'm trying to load the arduino software under linux 10 and I am having lots of problems.

I downloaded the software for linux. I have unzippped it and saved it into a folder.

I then typed the following into the command line

su -c 'apt-get install arduino' root

I then typed arduino and got the following

The program 'arduino' is currently not installed. You can install it by typing: sudo apt-get install arduino

How did the install under linux10 go for you ?