[SOLVED] - HELP - Calling SD Library from inside another library

Well, I don't know if title can explain what I mean.
As a DUE user, I'm planning to modify Pansenti MPU-9150 Library to write IMU calibration data to SD instead of flash memory, to avoid annoying re-calibration everytime I upload a new sketch to DUE.
I made some changes, including SD.h where I thought it was right, but unfortunately during compiling I receive error message saying it is inpossible to find SPI.h
Sorry at the moment I can't report error message exactly.
Any suggestion?


I made some changes, including SD.h where I thought it was right

But, you aren't going to post any code, explain what you changed, or where you made the changes. Sorry, my crystal ball seems to have gone up in smoke.

:slight_smile: PaulS you're perfectly right!!!
I was aware when I wrote the post I hadn't code with me.
I can post it only this evening, coming back home.

Hi PaulS, I solved my problem.
Reading on web and forum I found Arduino IDE can’t address included file into library (.h or .cpp files) until you recall expressly into the sketch.
The problem was with SPI.h library file, not found by compiler … I put #include <SPI.h> at the beginning of sketch and everything’s gone right.
Thanks anyway