[SOLVED ]Help, I ruined my serial port

Hi guys,
i might have ruined my tx0/rx0 ports by accidently programming them both as Outputs.
The loopback test is working, but in normal mode the arduino can only send data to the Serial Monitor but I can’t reprogram the arduino mega.
Any help is welcome


Update: The error was sitting in front of the Keyboard :cold_sweat:
I updated the arduino IDE from 1.0.1 to 1.0.5 including the arduino-usb Driver. Now it is working again :smiley:

Hold down reset and continue to hold reset while selecting Upload.
When the IDE shows Uploading... release the reset button.

This should allow you to upload new firmware.

Thanks, that sounded reasonable but didn't work.
When i wait long enough, I get the same avrdude_error messages that many other guys have posted here.
I'm reading a bit more about those timeout Problems. Hope I can find a solution, without using another arduino board as bootload-programmer.

Keep trying. The sequence of the timing is critical.