solved: help shows HTML code

every time clicking on a help item, Wordpad is started and the HTML code is shown instead of the corresponding internet page.
This happens since about a week. Before that the browser had been started showing the internet page.

Of course I want to see the internet page :confused:

Where can I change this back?


You have to change your OS's file association.
I'm going to assume you're using Windows.
Right click on the file (or any file with the same extension).
Now click on "open with", and pick your browser.
But before you go on and submit this, also tick the box that says to always do that.

I'm not sure as to what the exact words are in your OS version and in your language, i'm not a native English speaking person.

thank you for the tip.

All the time when I clicked on a help item the browser showed the corresponding page.
Something, not me, has changed the program which is started with a click on a html-file.
Sometimes, things happen.

But now it is ok again