(Solved) help with Arrays, please

I am working on a sketch, and have hit a brick wall.

I have 4 arrays that I have not the foggiest idea how I go about doing what I need to do.


As I go through 1 for loop, I need to use the index to select the correct array (0-3). Then in a second for loop, I need to read the value (0-16).
To put it crudely, I seem to need an array like buttonSequence[4][16].
I have not attempted that, as it just looks so WRONG.
How do I call an Array, from an Array?



Just as you've said, buttonSequnce[4][16]. They are called two dimensional arrays if you need to look up more on the topic.

Google ‘multi-dimensional arrays in C’

The two D array and the nested loops is not wrong. The first index is the buttonSequence, and the second index is the value within that array.

Post your code using this approach if you have issues.

OH! That is not what I expected to hear. It just looked so WRONG, but knew there had to be a way. Thanks, guys. Research now needed. Fof

BINGO!! Exactly what I need. Now the fun begins. :) Double Karma to you guys. Fof