(Solved) Home made Arduino problems.

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The setup is very simple, one ATmega328 with bootloader burned on. Two 22pF capacitors, 16MHz Quartz, reset button, 10kOhm resistor and 560Ohm resistor with led connected on digital pin 13. I want to program this using a FTDI Basic 5v breakout board from SparkFun. The problem is that i keep getting a error message and it does not upload. The error is: avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00 avrdude: stk500_disable(): protocol error, expect=0x14, resp=0x51 Before this message the board resets itself and then the tx led on the FTDI breakout board blinks 3 times, pauses and then one more time, and then the error. I have tried the following to get to a solution: -Verify that the right board and COM port are selected. -Reinstall the FTDI Drivers. - Verify that the baud rate in boards.txt is ok. -Search for short-circuit or open-circuits that should not be on the schematic. -Tested the ATmega328 on my Duemilanove that I bought earlier. It works great, I can upload on the microcontroller. -Tested two USB cables, none of them are faulty. -Tested the FTDI by making a short-circuit between rx and tx and listening to it in Serial Monitor, it works great. -Tried and failed to upload a sketch thru the FTDI on the Duemilanove...I don't understand this. -Tried on other computers with different operating systems, same error.

At first I thought that the FTDI chip is fried, or the ATmega328 now I know that they are working, but why not together? And also I don't know why it does not upload the sketch to the Duemilanove and it does on the Arduino Pro.


Try using the Trial and Error Method to Click on the RESET switch because it can be a possibility that the Chip is not getting reseted at the right time interval.

Technique: Try pushing the reset button when it displays binary sketch #### bytes mean's after compilation try pressing the reset switch, or else the FTDi breakout board can be faulty.

TX from the FTDI breakout board is connected to which pin?

RX from the FTDI breakout board is connected to which pin?

@Nishant, thanks for the advice, I already tried that and it did not work. But it looks like the board resets it .

@Coding Badly, thanks for helping. I tried both ways. Connecting the RX from the breakout board to TX on the microcontroller and TX from microcontroller to RX on the FTDI.

If it is of any use, I have used as a model the schematic of Arduino Pro, where I saw that between the FTDI chip and the microcontroller there were no parts, it is directly connected.

The big concern is why can't I upload sketches on the Duemilanove via external FTDI chip?

The setup is very simple, one ATmega328 with bootloader burned on.

Did you buy it with the bootloader already on it or did you burn it yourself? If you did it yourself did you deal with the bootloader address correctly and did you set the BOOTRST fuse?

It was with the bootloader pre-burned on it. After some failed attempts I re-burned the bootloader using Arduino as ISP. To test that it is working properly I swapped the controllers and put the fresh burned one in the Arduino to see if it is working. It worked great, still does. I don't think that is the problem. I think the problem is the two 22pF capacitors which seem to be different, one is brown and on it is written 22J and the other is blue and on it is written on one line 22 and on the other 2000V. Maybe something is not working there.

Still my question remains. How can I upload a sketch on the Arduino Duemilanove using the FTDI Basic breakout board from Sparkfun?


Hi. I have solved the problem of uploading via FTDI Basic Breakout board on the ATmega328. The problem was the reset. On the DTR it needed a capacitor. It was my mistake of not seeing it on the schematic.

Thank you for the follow-up.

Yes ,that's advent i defined the same, i'm glad you were able to get successful.

Arduino forum is the place where people help! each other and thus get helped! themselves in the Process one Day. :)

Nishant Sood