[Solved!] How can I use the ADPS-9969 gesture / proximity sensor?

For this I found an Adafruit library "Adafruit_APDS9960-master.zip". But it will not work.
The example for proximity ends with no luck, it gives an error form the library (object.begin()) "failed to initialize device! Please check your wiring." That looks like a problem with I²c.

I edited the sketch to give more information, it endet up with the typical COMx chaos and i give up for today.

I'm hoping for a better integration of this very interesting board into the Arduino IDE.

Did you install the ARDUINO libs too that are specific to the sense ?
Just fired mine up added the ARDUINO libs and away it goes.

I would guess that adafruit ones use a different I2c address that you could change in the lib itself if you want


The I²c address is given by the IC manufacturer and it is correct in the Adafruit library.
Arduino Nano BLE Sense gives no information about that chip, but it should be the same as in a seen picture from Adafruit.

A possible difference may be, that the Nano has an internal and an external I²c - and I don't now the differences until now.

I really don’t know what to tell you apart from using somebody else’s library for a completely different manufactures piece hardware may bring up unknown issues.

Only did a little digging and noticed Adafruit had taken the name ARDUINO out of the lib and swapped it for adafruit. Maybe they messed something else up while they were poking around with it ?

The “ARDUINO” lib works with the ARDUINO hardware here.

Does the "ARDUINO lib work with your ARDUINO board ?
If it does then you know that the ada lib has a flaw in it.


OK - thank you. I have found the right ARDUINO library and the gesture part works.
The proximity part gives me strange values, but it works in principle.