Solved !!How to clear library entry from library manage, won't let me re-install

I installed a library manually via the .zip file
Then installed a library via the manager – library shows as installed
I removed the library from the libraries dir – restarted ide
The library manager still shows library as installed and won’t let me re-install it.

How do I clear it from the library manager if I deleted it manually
so I can re-instill it.

Hi! Thanks for posting this to the forum. As promised, I'm here ready to help you find the solution.

What is the name of the library?

What was the path you manually installed the library to?

If you have installed the library with the library manager, then you must uninstall it with the library manager.

If you used a zip file manual install, then you have to delete it from the libraries dir.


If you have installed the library with the library manager, then you must uninstall it with the library manager.

There is no way to uninstall libraries using the Arduino IDE's Library Manager. I appreciate that you're trying to help, but you really need to take a minute to verify your information before posting it, otherwise you only end up causing confusion by spreading misinformation.

Solved this way
Search the libraries dir for sub-directories like

that also contain a copy of the library and delete those dirs as well as the correctly named library sub-directory

The library manager will then show the library as being available to install (again)

The problem (I think) is that the library manager's final rename from arduino_9802 to the correct library name failed.

In my case the file in the library under the correct name was higher than the one in the library manager.
This confused the library manager.

It seams the library manager does not care about the name of sub-directory the library is in only the file contents.

I'm glad to hear you found the solution @drmpf. Thanks for taking the time to post an update with your solution.

You're right that Library Manager only cares about the name value.

I always thought of the arduino_nnnn folder as a fall-back mechanism for when it wasn't able to create the library directory according to the name value, but it may be that the library is extracted to the temporary folder, then the rename to the final directory is attempted or abandoned. It amounts to the same thing in the end. I took a quick browse through the Arduino CLI code, but didn't spot where this is handled.