[SOLVED]I2C LCD using I2C Master Library

I am trying to add an I2C LCD display to my project.

I have got the LCD working using LiquidCrystal_I2C but that library uses the standard Wire library, and my project cannot use 'Wire' as I require a 'Repeat Start command.

The project is working using the I2C_Master library and using a parallel LCD, so to add the I2C LCD as another device on the bus, it seems like I will need an LCD sketch or library the will run with I2C_Master.
(I have tried it with both but although it compiles OK they seem to conflict as the bus stops running.
Does anyone know of a suitable library, or can anyone advise on adapting or writing something


Ended up writing a new library and it now works with i2cmaster.
At least - that is to say I modified the LiquidCrystal_I2C library (previously modified by Mike Myers).
As I'm totally new to all this, and making it up as I go along, I havn't posted it anywhere as I probably would not meet the correct conventions.