[SOLVED] I2C OLED 128X64 Brightness issue

received today two pcs, and got some troubles with brightness. using library http://blog.oscarliang.net/arduino-oled-display-library/, because adafruit’s do not fits my memory :frowning:

all looks work well, but brightness is too low… and i do not know what to do with that… any ideas what is wrong? both displays works equally.

UPD: okay, i were too in hurry :frowning: with u8glib brightness looks fine, not really happy with sketch “hello world” of 10Kb, but that is another story :slight_smile: sorry for disturbing :slight_smile:

RAM consumption should be lesser with U8glib and also the font in the HelloWorld sketch is large.


OzOLED ( w/ brightness issue)
Binary sketch size: 5392 bytes (of a 14336 byte maximum, 37.61 percent).
Estimated memory use: 407 bytes (of a 1024 byte maximum, 39.75 percent).

u8glib (w/ nice font :wink:
Binary sketch size: 10102 bytes (of a 14336 byte maximum, 70.47 percent).
Estimated memory use: 246 bytes (of a 1024 byte maximum, 24.02 percent).

now trying figure out difference to fix brightness in OzOLED...

ok, what i fugured out: if try u8glib sketch - brightness is perfect. if then I upload OzLED sketch to still plugged and powered board display works with OzLED and stays bright, till power cycle.. after power cycle it becomes dim again, until u8glib sketch uploading....

any ideas how (or where) i can find display init sequence of g8lib to make it work bright with OzOLED?

want to use OzOLED because it is simplier and smaller than u8glib...

so... it is "charge pump" setting ( 0x08d command ). if it is ON - 0x14 - display is bright and shining. if it is OFF 0x010 or unset - display dim, almost unreadable even with max brightness ( 0x81 command ).

finally :slight_smile:

Hi maia.

Thank you for telling about your solution.
This way others will be helped in the future.