***SOLVED*** IDE only seems to support ONE board manger URL

SOLVED Found boards manager… REALLY REALLY bad spot they picked for that menu item. >:( IDE only seems to support ONE board manger URL. I type in two and put a line break in, it uses a ; then between them, but when i go to the dropdown list, only the boards from first URL seem to work. That means I have to switch in and out constantly as I switch board types (ESPecially the ESP32S and 12E).

Is there some site that has both boards on it? If you got a big list, making it bigger isn’t a great big deal.

Any advice?

You can add as many URLs as you like, they just need to be separated by commas. Or you can click the icon on the right side of the "Additional Boards Manager URLs" field, which opens a dialog where you can simply put each URL on its own line, no commas needed.

Yeah, I see that now. I forgot that extra step of installing the boards because I didn't see board manager menu item. IMHO that should not be in the boards list, even separated by a line. I'm just whining because im sleep deprived and cranky that I missed it. Thanks Pert.