<Solved> Inherited Class OO and Arduino


just start to play with my own libs and implementation of own classes.
Which is simple. But now I’m looking into inheritance, which is also very simple.

But as soon as I store my class in …\Eigene Dateien\Arduino-Tiny2\libraries it is not possible to built an inherited class based on that lib
Based on a lib called pinclass located in …\Eigene Dateien\Arduino-Tiny2\libraries\pinclass
I got an error during compilation while implenting a new inherted class.

Arduino: 1.5.8 (Windows XP), Board: “ATtiny85 @ 16 MHz (internal PLL; 4.3 V BOD)”

In file included from ClassHeritage.ino:12:0:
vererbt.h:5:22: fatal error: PinClass.h: No such file or directory
#include <PinClass.h>
compilation terminated.
Error compiling.

My fault, I have to add libary headers to my sketch

#include <PinClass.h>
#include “vererbt.h”

LED meineLED(PB1,LOW),meineLED2(PB4),meineLED3;

Now iti is working.