[solved]input string from software serial to nextion display

Could someone who knows something about nextion displays and is good at making arduino "programs" please write me basic program for transfering input string from [u]software serial/u that is set to pins [u]10,11(TX,RX)[/u] to text box (it is on page 0, its id is 13 and its label is t4) on nextion display. I would really appreciate if someone would do it for me, because that would remove barrier in my project and from that I could learn and develop my knowledge about nextion displays. If you need more information just ask.

It is very unlikely that someone will write your code for you. This is not a free software writing service. If you want code written for you, post in the Gigs and Collabarations section. Expect to pay.

I don't know anything about the Nextion, but if you want to learn how to receive and parse serial data, check out the serial input basics tutorial.

Thank you for redirecting me.