SOLVED IR or RF remote to arduino

Hey guy does anyone know a where to get a IR or RF remote that will hook up to the arduino and see commands to operate, meaning i press the up button on the remote that goes to a "rf or ir switch" which makes the UNO do something when it sees that line.

I typed in RF universal switch or remote but nothing narrowing.

Not quite sure I understand.
If you are asking if there is a sketch that can display IR codes from a remote there are two popular ones.


What i was looking for was a remote control that i can get( need to find), that can send a signal to its own receiver and send power to the UNO for a command.

Example, i have a motor i would like to active that is hooked onto the UNO and when i press my remote control it activates that on the UNO

Two mentioned here:

you are awesome Larry, you answered both my questions with that post!!

The Shirriff library will decode what the remote sends, and you need a receiver like a TSOP348X of the right value to match the carrier frequency. A TSOP34838 for example is 38kHz which is very common.

So then with Shirriff's sketch you know that your up button transmits say an XYZ and down is ABC.

Then in your sketch, you have code like this pseudocode:

if theCode=XYZ
    do stuff to go forward
else if theCode=ABC
    do stuff to go backward
etc etc

You may also find my rambling tutorial here, of use.

What about something like this, instead of 44 keys, say the 3 key ?

ebay remotes

I believe the three button keyboard is hard wired, i.e. it is not a IR remote.

The smaller of the 2 remotes says RF, would that one work or does it have to be IR ? i would like the small one to work and if it doesn't matter for this project RF or IR will the code in the link you sent me be ok ? i assume heavily altered because it will go from 44 buttons to -than 10.

Not sure if it is IR or RF, it might be the seller is confused what it is.

From my experience IR works 20-30 feet line of sight, none obstructive, indoors.

I see, but if i chose a smaller remote (smaller amount of buttons) will that code in that link work ? the code shows for 44 buttons and the other remote has 9

I was looking at the wrong remote.
That one does appear to be RF. No idea what the range might be.
It would not work with the code I linked.
This one does work with the code, it is IR.
5 remotes with receivers for $10

If you get one, make sure you wire the receiver correctly.