[SOLVED] Is Modbus TCP Server and RTU Client possible simultaneously?

I’m using a MKR WiFi 1010 (hereafter refereed to as ‘the board’) as a modbus TCP server for Ignition. When I run just a TCP server on the board it works fine.

The board is used in combination with a MKR RS-485 Shield.

I also want to control a modbus VFD from the board which requires a modbus client instance.

When I try to run a combined code of TCP server and an RTU client simultaneously, the TCP server still works (slower than normal) but the RTU client will not work (i.e. the VFD doesn’t move the motor).

That code is attached. The part that I expect to work but does not is “updateVFD()”.

As a question to the group, is it possible to run a TCP server and an RTU client on the same device simultaneously?



MKR_WiFI_1010_Ignition_VFD.ino (3.62 KB)

The answer is yes.

My issue was that I was using A5 and A6 for temp and potentiometer readings. They are used for DE/RE control as defined in 'RS485.h'.

Once I switched them to A3 and A4, everything is working great.

A5 and A6 cannot be used if you are using the MKR RS-485 shield.

How about you update the title of your post to include "[SOLVED]" so others may benefit from your learning?

Done and thanks for pointing it out.

I'm going to do a project write up on how to use arduino with Ignition. I'm learning Ignition for work just now but until we have an actual connection, having real live data from the arduino to work with is proving really valuable.



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