Solved issue (Adding SOLVED)

Hi, as i am looking around to help people, i check all subject post that i think i could help and read all the page only to see that the item was solved and the guy don't need help anymore.

i saw in few post that people were changing the subject and adding (SOLVED) at the end of the first subject post.

People who search for a solution have a better chance reading this post. People trying to help may pass more time helping other post instead of reading a SOLVED one (they still can if they like it ;-) )

Until there is another tool as bugzilla or something like that i think this is a good idea!

Your comment guys My 2 cent.

Great idea! It would be even nicer if the "solved issues" will be moved to a different place altogether, like the playground (but this requires lots of work). So, when you see "solved" you just skip the post, aren't you interested in the solution (there may be something to learn, that is)?