[Solved] Issue with HTML-Script of Arduino Create


I am creating an Arduino-Tutorial Website and I want to add the Arduino-Sketches directly in my Website. I found a way to manage this with the Arduino Create.

You can copy the HTML-Script and add it to your Website. This is what I did and it worked very well. But since some days it somehow doesn’t work anymore.

I did not change anything, it just sopped working.

The link is still working without any problem:

Here you can find an example of what I mean:

And here you can see the HTML-Script I used for this particular passage:


Link zum Sketch

Can you tell me, what’s wrong?

Hi @Monardu,
there was an issue, it should be fixed now, can you try again? Thanks for reporting it!

Yes it's working absolutely fine now! Thanks!

Should I be positive that such a thing will happen again?

This things will not happen again, sorry about the inconvenience!