[SOLVED]Issue with turning on an LED light with Nano

omg yes, lol i was just so tired already :slight_smile:

success !

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Well done. Congratulations!

way to go !!! you’ve succeeded at your first project.

The soldering on D7 seems a bit like a ball, that’s not great you want a ‘volcano’ shape

thanks! ill work on it :slight_smile: for a first time, im just happy its working :smiley:

We get this mysterious “problem” quite regularly here, a project that does not work because a “newbie” does not understand that things need to be actually electrically connected. :laughing:

Sounds like you are just learning to solder. If you hadn’t solved it already I was going to suggest finding a tutor with the equipment and of course, experience. Always a good way to learn. Perhaps research any nearby “maker” groups or Amateur Radio clubs (which are sadly not as common or popular now as they once were). Not sure how appropriate a “men’s shed” might be. :grin: