[Solved] ITead Studio Bluetooth Shield v2.2 - How to work with AT-Command?

Well, I think I have not pointed this out clearly.
When I switch to CMD, I do the folliwing

  1. Set the hardware switch
  2. press reset button on shield -> mobile disconnects and is no longer able to find the shield

Then I opened the serial monitor, set line endings to CR+LF and typed AT+NAME? (enter) the RX-LED on the nano flashes and then nothing happens.
I would expect to get the name "Itead" printed out.

I also tried minicom and PuTTY. Even under Windows 7 (I thought it might be an issue with the line endings) I had no success with the Serial Monitor in the Arduino software.

The same thing happens if I completely disconnect the nano from USB after setting the switch.

Also, when in DAT-mode the status-LED flashes fast (2 in 1s) and when in CMD-mode it gets really slow (1 in 2s) but according to the datasheet this behaviour seems normal to me.