[Solved] - Light Bi-Color LED with 2 Pins? = Yes

Hello everyone,

This is my first post. I have a simple question regarding a Bi-color LED (Red/Green) with only 2 pins.

I am pretty sure the LED package contains 2 LEDs in opposite directions that will light up depending on the direction of current flow.

My question is, can I use 2 pins from a microcontroller to act as a ground and positive at different times? Green sometimes, Red at others?

Next question is the resistor.. Doesn't the resistor usually go on the side going to ground... I guess it would be fine if the resistor is on the positive side as well?

Does this make sense? 2 color LED with 2 pins... the pins would sometimes be positive and sometimes be negative depending on what color (red / green) I want.

Yes. Both Hi, or both Lo, neither is on. Hi/Lo and Lo/Hi lights up one or the other. Single series resistor need, does not matter which side of the LED pair.

Ah, of course.

Thank you!

Switch fast between red and green and you’ll see yellow and so have a third color at your dispence.