[SOLVED] MicroLCD library line issue

Hi all

I posted a question to the forum a few days ago regarding single pixel addressing. It has been solved and can be found here! Pixel Draw

I realized that the I’m not able to address pixels in Y direction but only in X. the Y addresses is 0-6.

What is causing this?
The library is abandoned…

Below is a link to the MultiLCD library, and some code from the drivers that handle the addressing.


void LCD_SH1106::setCursor(unsigned char x, unsigned char y)
    m_col = x + 2;
    m_row = y;
    WriteCommand(0xb0 + m_row);
    WriteCommand(m_col & 0xf);//set lower column address
    WriteCommand(0x10 | (m_col >> 4));//set higher column address