[SOLVED]Min/max for supplying power to Uno

I want to get a wall-wart for my uno. I'm wondering what the min and max volt/amps are so I know for certain what I'm looking for. I know it needs a minimum of 5V (unsure the amps). And I plan to use the round plug on the board (I've heard it called something more technical. But can't pull it out of my backside at the moment).

I'd like to error on the side of caution and go with one large enough that the board won't be struggling, so to speak. As it is, I may have to do the master/slave thing to have enough power to do what I want to do. And that's with using external power for everything I can. It's not that bad yet, though. :slight_smile: But I am seeing some dimming of my LCD when certain things are active. So, maybe closer than I think to adding a slave :o

I'll shut up now.

Min V/A = ??? Max V/A = ???

If you are seeing dimming on the LCD (unknown size and type) then you are probably almost at the limit.
You may want to look at supplying some items especially the LCD with its very own power supply and sharing just a common ground with the Arduino.

Especially if its an genuine Arduino as they are becoming notorious at popping the voltage regulators.
Clones seem to be much more tolerant in that regards.

Despite what the board specs say (up to 20 volts i believe) Real Arduinos are much safer around the 10 volts point and clones up to 15 seems fine based on a little experience.

A USB puts out 500 ma max according to the USB 2.0 spec.
That's usually more than enough for most Arduino applications.

The barrel socket (term I think you were scratching for LOL) will handle a little more current.

My own preferences and I haven't lost an arduino yet is anything in the 10 volt range up to 1000ma.
You might also see a better display with the barrel jack as you were expecting.

Thanks for the input ballscrewbob.

But it would appear that I have had a brain-fart. A few months back, when I received my first Uno, I came to this forum and looked around. One of the things I read was the Troubleshooting FAQ. However, it would seem that I forgot about the part in there that directly answers this same question. Something made me look at that page again this morning and there it was.

My apologies for taking up thread space on a question with such an easy answer to find. I did learn something though. I need to check the FAQ prior to posting on the possibility I missed/forgot something that was in there.