Solved! MKR1010 keeps dropping WiFi connection, rssi level is -80

Hi folks,

The MKR1010 keeps dropping the wifi connection. I dont think is a library issue, I think is a hardware issue or maybe firmware related. Where every single device report -60 WiFi.RSSI level, the MKR1010 reports -80! Its cousin, the MKR1000 running the same sketch, same location, reports -60

Of course, the MKR1000 is solid as a rock, the MKR1010 same location same sketch some minutes later is dead. The MKR1010 is loaded with the ArduinoOTA.h and WiFiNINA.h libraries, firmware has been updated.

Another issue observed is that if I press the reset button, takes forever to get reconnected, same happens if I remove the power, I guess the rssi level explains why is doing that.

Anybody experiencing same issue?

WiFi Check reports:
WiFiNINA firmware check.
Firmware version installed: 1.2.4
Latest firmware version available : 1.2.1
Check result: PASSED




I found the solution. Firmware issue. I downgraded the firmware to: 1.2.1,bingo! Problem solved. The rssi level is even better than its cousin the MKR1000, now I am getting -40, -43. What is strange is that when you are ready to upgrade the firmware using the Arduino IDE, you see a couple more listed, one of them is the 1.2.4 that you see above. You will think that higher the better, I guess that is a big NO in this case.

If I press the reset, bang! Up and running right away! If I disconnect and reconnect the power, bang! Up and running right away!

Ufffff! I like the thing, and I hate to send it back.