[SOLVED ]My servomotor in the arduino starter kit is not working

Just finished project 05 in the book but the servor motor was not working. I can be sure it is not a programming or connection error since i could feel it vibrate when i turned the knob but the 180 degree propeller did not more. When i turned the knob back to 0 it stooped vibrating.

i made a video on my instagram: Login • Instagram

  1. has anyone had problems with the arduino electronics being broken? I bougt this set in sweden april 2014 (1 year ago).

  2. Can i fix it? (loose cogs?)

  3. Can i have it replaced by arduino or the store where i bought it (kjell.com)?

How are you powering it?
Have you got the grounds together?

power: USB;
ground is connected to the negative and 5V to positive;

It might need an external supply: hook the servo itself to 6V, signal wire to Arduino, and connect the power -ve, the servo -ve and the Arduino GND together.

The Arduino is not designed for powering (as opposed to controlling) motors, although sometimes we can get away with it. Seems maybe your particular motor is asking for too much current.

i followed the guide in the book which is why i did no realize the wires had been wrongly connected to the contact. The rotor has Ground/5V/signal but the cable is Ground/signal/5V. i switched the wires and it works (almost) fine.

While arduino (boards, uno for exaple) are made in italy one must assume that not all components in the starter kit are made in italy but almost all components are from china? Correct?

This would explain why the wires where wrongly connected (working 6.5 days a week, 12 hours a/day one makes mistakes) since this is a common error in Chinese electronics.

Thanks for the fast feedback AWOL and JimboZA !