[Solved] Neopixel and capacitor

Is it possible to solder the capacitor directly to the VCC/GND of the Neopixel, beside the OUT pin, or it's only possible near the IN pin, or it's the same?


It's the same.
But it will easily tear off. You could glue it with hot glue (also called hot-snot).

Thank you for the tips :slight_smile:

There is very little distance or length of PCB track between the two pairs of VCC and GND so it will not matter.

And it does appear on that module that the ground is actually solid "fill" everywhere there is not a signal or VCC track. And by the look of the tracks, that is actually a seven-LED module.

OK, the number also gives it away, doesn't it? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

OK, so I just chased up some on Aliexpress for fun. :grin:

At least, in a few weeks or a month or so when they arrive ...

Note - only four capacitors, not seven! :astonished:

My picture was just an example, mine has 12 LEDs. Actually I bought them 3 years ago but never used...
I finally decided to use them for a puzzle game :slight_smile:


Mmm, it's definitely a puzzle, I can't figure out what is happening! :astonished:

It's normal because both are related to specific pictures.

In the first you have to put 8 LEDs in green in the correct order (following a schematic), one error and all is cleared.

In the second, you have to put all LEDs with the correct colors (Red, Green, Blue or Yellow). LEDs are selected in a binary way by 4 switches.

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