[SOLVED] New forum - new URL

Nice job! The new look feels much "cleaner". Thanks!

This is probably just an OMP (old man problem) , but I spent a bit of time yesterday clicking my link to the old YABB forum. :roll_eyes:
However you might want to post an announcement on the old forum, or the blog, that the new site is up and running.


we haven't had the time to link both forums properly. We are going to do it as soon as we are done troubleshooting the new system.


I notice that there are still people who are posting to their original posts on the old forum.

David, thanks for your response, but I'm not sure if it applied to my question.

Right now the old forium says:

News: THIS FORUM IS READ-ONLY, PLEASE CHECK THIS BLOG POST: Forum Migration Scheduled for Jan 24th | Arduino Blog...

If you can simply change that to something like " New forum is open - new URL is http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php"

I think there might still be a surprising amount of people who use a "favorite" with a link to the old site.