[solved]Nextion display SYNTAX ERROR

I want to include timer script into my nextion display project, but it reports me “SYNTAX ERROR:for:S 0-9a”. I know that this is arduino forum and not the nextion forum, but I dont know how to access/write on the nextion forum or if it is even possible. If someone can help me out I would be very thankful and you would also save my project. I also added photo of the script and error.

I have never used a Nextion, but if your code is in C, your instruction lines should end with a semicolon ( ; )
BTW, in the for loop, the variable n2.val will never reach 60, so your if test is not relevant.

this is new nextion forum and it works, but you need to register... I would gladly help you with your project but i am a beginner also who knows nothing :)...

Thank you for the link I will post my thread there too.