[Solved] No Plugin Detected on Firefox/Debian


I'm having an issue with the plugin being detected on my debian linux box. I have followed the getting started, the icon shows up in my panel as well as it will open the web page but consistently warns of no plugin detected. I have run the installer multiple times(uninstalling prior) as regular user and sudo but to no avail. Any ideas?


Not a linux person so ignore me if I am off base.

Seems some people used SUDO to get the plugin up. There are a couple of posts regarding the LINUX side of things so as its not my flavour of OS you might want to take a little time to read other posts.

I did retry (with the previous plugin killed) and they ask for the password (sudo) for maybe certificates or something like that. I put it and arrive to a new error page: Application Not Authorized to Use CAS: https://id.arduino.cc/cas/oauth2.0/callbackAuthorize?ticket=ST-180611-YiNaBeM50KtjvPRmqE1u-id.arduino.cc What is CAS? Why? Why me? Ok, it's not really a problem because I have the IDE, but arduino create seems fun! Anyway, I will try another time with root rights.

It works! :) :o My plugin was just paused, in fact I didn't need to reinstall as root. I did unpause and it's ok. I guess the correct way to achieve that is just to kill the plugin (pause it and kill it) and reinstall. it will ask the password, and when it's installed, unpause it if it's paused. Reconnect to create and it will be ok (it was for me). Hope that will help...

Yes you do have to "KILL IT WITH FIRE" or else another instance cannot write the files it needs.

Glad you are up and running.