[Solved] Official Arduino WiFi Shield

My background:
Hello, although I have been playing with the Uno for a while now and a decent fluency at OOP in C/C++, I still consider myself new to the whole embedded environment and Arduino community; hence forgive me if I mention anything that doesn't make any sense. Also note I have little to no knowledge in networking.

Issue at hand:
I have recently acquired a new official Arduino WiFi Shield which I hope I can incorporate into my future project, but there's a couple questions that I need answers for mainly the capability of the WiFi Shield.

Hardware used:
-Arduino Uno R3 (official)
-Arduino WiFi Shield (official)

So here's my questions:

  1. As far as I know (from various internet tutorials/guides), I should be able to read analogpins over the internet via WiFiWebServer example. My question is, am I able to do the same to the digital pins? Also, will I be able to AnalogWrite and DigitalWrite the same way one can do on Arduino Yun via a web browser? Just like the one shown in this video simply by using something like "Arduino/digital/13/1" where it simply sets digital pin 13 to HIGH.

  2. I been searching throughout the internet for a while now but couldn't find any constructive answer. My question is, am I able to perform serial communication using the Serial monitor from Arduino IDE through the internet using the WiFi Shield? (similar to Arduino Yun), so it will be possible to do something like This for example.

  3. Throughout my research, I have a hunch that this wouldn't work but I'm going to ask anyway just for reaffirm my doubts. It is possible to upload sketches through the internet from Arduino IDE to the Uno via WiFi Shield? (similar to what Arduino Yun is capable of shown in this video)

  4. By far, this is my ultimate goal for buying an WiFi Shield. In hope, I was planning to create a SLAM based 2W Rover using some simple sensor such as Ultrasonic and Odometer to generate a 2D array map of an unknown surrounding controlled using an Uno. Due to the limited processing capability of an Uno, I planned to used a WiFi Shield to communicate with my Computer where all the heavy math will be done on Matlab and feedback the results back to the robot where the Uno simply act as a controller. My question is, in any way is this possible?

That will be all of my question at this point, hope I specify my question clear enough. Thank you!

The answer is conditionally yes.

The wifi shield firmware has some weird bugs in the tcp server section. If more than one client connects simultaneously, it may send incorrect or corrupted files. It also has a nasty 2 second delay every couple seconds if sending large files.

It also has a udp problem in that is appears to send from a port that is not assigned in the Udp.begin() call.

As a tcp client, it seems to do ok.

Ah, thank you for the quick reply. I have to admit I don't entirely understand everything you said, but from what I can tell is I may encounter problems when I use udp package which is exactly what I need.

I just placed an order for an Arduino Yun, since it more or less does everything I mentioned above and ultimately more capable than Uno rev3 + WiFi Shield rev3 combined.

Anyway, thanks again.