[Solved] Only ide 1.0.6 will compile

I am a new Arduino user with Win7-64b. The only IDE that I can get Blinky to compile on is V1.0.6.
All other IDE give the error message

"exit status -1073741515
Error compiling."

What am I doing wrong?
Thx :)[Solved]

This looks relevant:

You can test their solution by renaming your C:\Users{username}\AppData\Local\Arduino15 folder to C:\Users{username}\AppData\Local\Arduino15.bak and then restarting the Arduino IDE, which will recreate that folder.

Thanks! That fixed it…

If someone else has this problem:

It seems attempting to install different versions of the IDE gets the configuration files messed up.
The solution is to delete this directory:

Running the IDE version of your choice will recreate the needed config files