[SOLVED] Opinions required please.

I have my own thoughts on this, but I don't wish to prejudiced your feedback...

I have a project I am doing for somebody, and part of it requires red/green indication for relay states.

My question is :-

Red for active / on / go Green for off / safe / inactive


Red for safe / inactive / off Green for on / go / active


Your thoughts please?



I'd go with Red indicating Off, and Green indicating On.

If you mean safe id go with green on red off.

Safe being both off.

It depends.

If it is rotating motors or electric furnaces, then red is on. Suppose you walk into a hall, and want to know at a glance if somewhere is still a furnace on, then you check for red lights.

If it is a chicken farm with egg incubators, then a green light is when everything is okay and working and on.

If nothing is known about the situation, then a red led is on, without the green led. When it is all about visual feedback, perhaps you can blink the red led for 10 seconds when it is turned on, after that the red led stays on. Perhaps the same when turned off with a green or blue led. What about an RGB led that shows the 'mood' ?

Thanks people, I value your feedback.

The project was already Red for off, Green for on, which personally I found counter intuitive but I will bow to the collective wisdom. :-X