[SOLVED]Optiboot and IDE 1.6+

I finally upgrading from IDE 1.0.5 to 1.6.5, and I need to use Optiboot bc I rely on Watchdog.

I’ve read at Adafruit that all ‘newer’ Uno’s ship with Optiboot, so I am wondering if the new IDEs have bootloader built in.

I am using a 328PU (through hole) chip. Can I just burn the regular Uno bootloader, or do I have to download the optiboot loaders from github?

Also, Optiboot doesn’t have an Uno board, so I’ve been using a Pro Mini, 328, 16Mhz option. This has worked so far.


The UNO bootloader in the IDE has been Optiboot for quite a while now. Even on 1.0.5. Just burn bootloader as Uno, and program as Uno. The Pro Mini bootloader in the IDE is still a 2KB version. So programming as a Pro Mini will work fine for what you are doing, but you can use an extra 1.5KB if you use the Uno Bootloader and program as Uno.

Thanks @madmattd !