[SOLVED]Out of range when accessing PORTL or PORTK in Atmel Studio 7 (Assembler)

I'm currently learning how to program an Arduino MEGA2560 in assembler using Atmel Studio. When I try to use PORTL (same with PORTK, PORTH, PORTJ) for output, it gives me this error when using PORTL:

Operand 1 out of range: 0x10b

Why is that? All of the other ports work fine except for those.

Part of my code that uses PORTL:

; setup display ------------------
 rcall wait
 cbi portG ,2
 cbi portG ,1
 ldi mp, 0b0011_1000 ; output port L 8 bit, 2 line, font 5*7
 out portL, mp
 sbi portG ,0 ;Set Enable
 cbi portG ,0 ;Clear Enable

Take a look at the MEGA2560 datasheet, page 403, note 4:

  1. When using the I/O specific commands IN and OUT, the I/O addresses $00 - $3F must be used. When addressing I/O regis- ters as data space using LD and ST instructions, $20 must be added to these addresses. The ATmega640/1280/1281/2560/2561 is a complex microcontroller with more peripheral units than can be supported within the 64 location reserved in Opcode for the IN and OUT instructions. For the Extended I/O space from $60 - $1FF in SRAM, only the ST/STS/STD and LD/LDS/LDD instructions can be used.

PORTH = 0x102 PORTJ = 0x105 PORTK = 0x108 PORTL = 0x10B

and to compare:

PORTG = 0x14 (0x34)