[Solved] Please Identify This Crystal for Me

I am working on making a PCB and the one I am using as a model uses this crystal on the ATMEGA644PA…


I am used to seeing a metal oblong type package.

What is the smallest package this crystal comes in? I am also using a pre-made microcontroller breakout board that already has a crystal on it. Super tiny. I’d remove that one and put another one on matching the specs of the one in the picture.

Thank you!

I’ve used these, 3.5x6mm
Is that small enough?

Or 1.6.x2mm if you want really small

Nice. I just had to sort by cheapest price. :stuck_out_tongue:
So, the one in the picture is 3 ‘pin’ well, 6, but the other 3 are passthru it seems.
Why this type instead of the ‘can’ type? Does this type have the caps inside?

1.62mmx2mm is a bit too small but thanks for getting me in the ballpark, I can find something from here.

No idea why or what it might contain without a part number, or a schematic showing how it is connected.

Well, the vias are ground, the traces go straight to Cry1 and Cry2 pins.

I guess this is a 2 parter question. First, identify. Looks like a 20Mhz crystal with caps. (guessing it has caps)
Second, looking to replace the existing crystal on the cpu breakout board I am using. That is the small one. I need to measure it.


Third, how the heck am I going to replace this little thing.

Found it…

Replace it? Hot air rework station would work best.

Yeah that worked out well.

For the record, the crystal used is 3SMD package,
I used - Murata Electronics CERALOCK CSTNE series, CSTNE20M0V530000R0

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