Solved: Port Not Showing, Win 8 Error 10 with Osepp Mega R3 Plus

Windows 8, i5, 12meg ram, 100% clean machine (two weeks old, dedicated to Arduino)

First, I have successfully (lucky me) ran an Uno from the same machine two days ago - so this is all about the Mega driver, I think.

Non-specific error on device status in Com Port Display:
This device cannot start (Code 10)
The specified request is not a valid operation for the target device.

Plugging it in: tx light by mini-usb flashes and then green power stays on.

Here is what I have tried:
Installed, selected Mega Board, checked Com ports.
Changed the cable (just in case)
Changed the USB port (just in case)
Disabling, removing device driver, picking up new one on install new device.
Changing com ports. 5 was assigned, I rebooted, nothing, tried reinstalling to 1, nothing.
All while rebooting - each time.

So, is it the Mega R3 Plus or a the device driver. I know windows is a factor but when is it not?

is it an original Arduino Mega? cause i don't think (and i'm pritty sure) that the mega comes with an full USB B port and not a mini/micro

can you check what chips are on the device for me? it sould have a atmega2560 and a atmega16u2

It's an Osepp ATMega 2560 with extras.


you'll have to do a few things before i can help you now, i need some more information.

go to device manager and select the com port. if there is an yellow sign with the device you'll need to install the ft232 driver (google it) if the driver is installed pls tell me what driver version of the ft232 (ftdi driver) you have

i had a similar problem with one if my nano's a mega normaly uses a atmega16 to comunicate with the computer, in your case this is a ft232!! if the ft232 is a replica you can have the problem i had and you'l need to go back to an older version of the driver

(Thanks @Meerweten, good hints)

Needed drivers - someone at Msft likes mucking with Com ports, one would assume they would use the correct ones... so - get them from:

Specifically, download this, it's the latest and it works:

In Device Settings, the Com Port will appear as a normal USB Com Device, not an Arduino device. So very very strange.

(Of course, now I am wondering what happens when I go back to an Uno. Saving that for another day. Oh, also, my mac does not recognize it either but that's a different day too...)

if you have the uno from the same seller you souldn't have any problems, that driver sould work asl it uses a ft232

Nope, the Uno was a genuine and the Mega is from Osepp.

No omnibus approach to communications I guess.

if the uno is a geniun it uses a diferent driver that is consistent with the atmega16 chip it wil not at all overwrite the ftdi driver (you can try it), but it has to be a arduino uno with a atmega16 chip that is programmed to comunicatie uusing the usb to the atmega328

Oh, this gets even more interesting: USB Cables!

Depending on platform, Some work, some don't.

I have a USB mini that will now work from my Windows machine but won't recognize with the mac (even though the port shows up!)

And here's more: The same Mac and same cable will drive a RAMBO board (using a 2560) using straight serial USB with the same cable - so it's just leetle tiny software discrepancies...

Craziness and getting in the way of coding and electronics. I give. Back to coding and electronics. One thing works, not all. Oh well.

(thanks, btw)

I have the same problem : Com port does not show up in Windows 10. I am using OESPP Mega 2560 R3 Plus board and installed Arduino 1.6.5..

USB cable is working.. usb port is functional etc etc..

any hints?

Same here I guess it is a windows 10 issue