[Solved] Pro Mini LED13 fast flashing,not in sync: resp=0x00


I have a bunch of pro mini clones. from different Distributors, differently looking. (means they don't have the same production issues).

They all worked fine, but once in a while, some suddenly stopped working. (i cant see any pattern in lifetime, programs flashed or so)

So the Problem looks very simple: The LED13 flashes very fast (like 10Hz) and the uploader gives the standard "not in sync" error.

at the Moment i have 10 of these "broken" arduinos acting all the same.

Did anyone of you ever have that Problem before? do you know a solution? Is it a broken bootloader?

I would be happy about any advice you could give me :)

Kind regards

PS: I did search the Internet but couldnt find anything about that specific issue and all wiring was trible-checked (Voltage etc...), so that is definately thot the Problem.

Solved this Moment sry for being hysteric ;)