(Solved) Problem with alalogRead(pin): always 1023

I cannot get correct values from the Analog Inputs of the Nano Every.

  • Voltage on A0: 0.120 Volt (controlled with a Multimeter)
  • analogReference(INTERNAL2V5) or analogReference(INTERNAL0V55)
  • Read with analogRead(A0): always 1023

Same result from pin A1. What can be wrong?

My sketch:

  Test of AnalogIn(Ax) for Nano Every with different reference voltages
	Autor: Rudolf Schenke
	Stand: 05.11.2019: Created
#define anaPin A0         // Pin name for analog channel
#define anaPinText "A0"   // Pin name for print

int loopCounter;          // Count loop() executes
char prBuffer[32];        // Print buffer

void setup() {

  Serial.begin (38400);
	while(!Serial) delay(10);
	Serial.print("Read AnalogIn ");
		analogReference(INTERNAL2V5); // Use one of the references
		Serial.println("Warning: For Nano Every only - stoped!");
		While(true) delay(10);
	Serial.println("List of Analogreferences:");
	Serial.print("  DEFAULT\t");      Serial.println(DEFAULT);
	Serial.print("  INTERNAL0V55\t"); Serial.println(INTERNAL0V55);
	Serial.print("  INTERNAL1V1\t");  Serial.println(INTERNAL1V1);
	Serial.print("  INTERNAL2V5\t");  Serial.println(INTERNAL2V5);
	Serial.print("  INTERNAL4V3\t"); Serial.println(INTERNAL4V3);
	Serial.print("  INTERNAL1V5\t");  Serial.println(INTERNAL1V5);

void loop() {

  int rawValue = analogRead(anaPin);
  sprintf(prBuffer,"Loop %3d Value %4d",++loopCounter, rawValue);

  delay(1000); // Pause.

Sorry - one times more my mistake.
My voltage control used 5V - AIN, correct is GND - AIN. Breadboards are sometimes difficult...