[Solved] Problem with Esp32 wifi Powered by tp4056 (18650)

Hello everybody
I am new to the forum and I state that my knowledge in electronics is not exceptional
i started a project with azdelivery esp32. My idea was to use esp32 connected to wifi powered with a 18650. In order to keep the battery under control I use a module for charging lithium batteries (tp4056 with overcurrent protection). Since my esp32 can be powered at 3.3V or 5V I have inserted a boost converter to bring the power supply to 5V

once the known system has been assembled, esp32 continues to reset itself constantly
So I decide to do various tests thinking that at the beginning it was the problem of the boost converter or the tp4056. I change him but I notice that there is no difference. I change battery but gives the same problem. I try to power the system by excluding the tp4056 and the esp32 works. I try using the tp4056 by connecting to the power from sockets and it works. So I try to put another load, disconnecting the power from the socket, instead of the esp32 and I notice that it works correctly. I hang up the esp 32 by removing the wifi enabling via software and it works.
Has anyone else encountered this problem?

You are likely browning out.
Use 2 x 18650 in series and a 5v buck converter.

Measure the voltage on the boost converter input and see if it goes below the boost converters minimum. If not watch the 5V output and see if it is stable. Also check your wiring, if to small you will lose enough oer to cause a low voltage condition.

The ESP32 consumes serious current when powered up.
It ’s even more terrible when activating wireless features.
This possible reaches a few amps. The scale not in milli-amps!
Perhaps the converter is unable to respond to the that and uC is stuck in a brownout reset loop.
Please using a more powerful converter.
Or installing a huge electrolyte capacitor may solve the problem forcibly.

using only the battery and the buck converter I would lose the control functions on the battery of the tp4056

my input boost converter accepts 0.9 - 5v. the output always stands at 5.0V
My wire are very short and replace esp32 with a dc motor 5v 0,5A the voltage Is stable

I know but this Is an experiment. I want to use esp32 in sleep mode for the most part of the time. I tried with capacitor (10-100-470 uf) but nothing change. I saw mamy videos that show if they connect B- with OUT- bypass protection and much current flow. But in my case doesn't work

That's just not going to power it

What control functions do you need?

The single 18650 isn't going to do the job even with the boost converter. Maybe for an esp8266 but not the esp32.


Discarge and overcharge protection, stable voltage for all time charge, automatic charge

I ordered tp4056 without protection. For me, the problem is DW01A overcurrent protection

I tried to decrease CPU frequency but nothing changed

You can get a 2 cell BMS Li-ion 18650 Battery Charger for a couple dollars.
That will keep your charge protection and increase you to two cells at the same time.

But with bms i can't recharge and Powering load at the same time

You can. You just have to look at the BMS and cells as one battery. The BMS provides stable voltage and charging protection.
So when you plug in a charger, that power can switch a relay that puts the external power to the battery and switches the board power to the external power as well. Put a capacitor on the output to the board to smooth out the switching voltage drop and a few diodes and you're good to go. You can buy such a device and just add the capacitor, diodes, and a bit of wire routing.

Thanks for support. I solved the problem reducing wire.

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