SOLVED: Processing question: mouseWheel() syntax

So I realize this is NOT the Processing forum and I have already posted this question there, but I figured I'd ask around here as well. If this is not appropriate to ask here, I understand and please let me know. I will remove the thread.

My question is what is the syntax for mouseWheel()?

I would like to make this snippet of code work:

void mouseWheel(UP){
port.write ("u");
void mouseWheel(DOWN){

I would like to know if left and right work as commands as well.

Thanks very much!

For anyone who might want to know, someone on Processing’s forum answered my question.

Code is as follows:

int up=0, down=0;
void mouseWheel(MouseEvent event) {
  float e = event.getAmount();
  if (e>0) {
    down =0;
  if (e<0) {