SOLVED: Project only works when connected to laptop

I have a Arduino Leonardo with a SparkFun EL Escudo Dos turning on an EL Wire when a cabinet door is opened. There are two power sources for this project. One plugs straight to the DC/AC converter, and the other plugs into the Leonardo. The sensor is a photo resistor inside the cabinet.

When I run the program with the laptop connected to the USB cord everything works. The EL Wire turns on and off with the opening and closing of the door. When I plug the USB cord into a power supply it does not work.

I tried swapping the power supply to the Leonardo, that did not work. So I adjusted the sensor value that turns on the EL Wire. The reading is around 700 when plugged into the laptop. I set the value to 7 and still the wire does not turn on.

Any Ideas on how to get this to work when not plugged into the laptop?

What is the output voltage and current of the power supply and how is it connected to the Leonardo?


No need to get the voltage. I figured it out.

The program was hanging waiting on the serial port to initialize because I did not comment out that part of the code. Thanks for the help though.